Saturday, December 8, 2007

Tomboy Purse

I knit up the pieces of this "purse" a week or two ago, and then it was sitting on my nightstand waiting to be blocked. I've never blocked anything before, but I figured it would make life easier when it came time to seam this bad boy together. I blocked it last night and it's dry this morning. I am in awe of the magic of this blocking business! I can see now that a project or two of mine that I hated might have been salvageable if only I had taken the time to block them.

There they are blocking. I'm also still trying to figure out some of this blogging business. I've been on blogger for many years, but have recently switched from pc to mac, internet explorer to safari and then to firefox, photobucket to flickr (since that's required for ravelry) and mspaint to iphoto. It's a bit much and I'm getting frustrated. I recognize and appreciate the many attributes of the new stuff over the old, but it seems like flickr has an issue with iphoto, and blogger has an issue with flickr, and nobody wants to get along right now at 5:30am real quick before I have to go to work.

So yeah.

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